5 Ways Screen Recording Increases B2B Sales

December 22, 2021

Screen recording offers a low-cost option for sales people looking to create more engaging presentations without having to worry about hiring a professional videographer. This post outlines five different ways screen recording can increase B2B sales success rates and why it should be considered as part of any of your b2b marketing strategies. So, stop what you are doing (likely an outdated, underperforming sales strategy) and start learning how screen recording will take your B2B sales to the next level!

Sales professionals know that the key to closing a sale is creating a personal connection with their prospects. In order to do this, they must be able to show prospects how an investment in their product will improve their business and help them reach their goals. One of the best ways for salespeople to show these benefits is through video presentations, but not all companies have the resources or time required for high-quality videos. 

Create A Connection

We live in a time where people just no longer communicate face to face. From emails and text to impersonal cold calls, we just don't communicate like we used to. Using a Screen Recording tool will create a “live” video connection that goes beyond a typical Zoom call. With Vaam, you can create a library of video cold opens to embed and send out automatically to your prospects via emails, or integrated through your existing social networking platforms like LinkedIn. Vaam also empowers you to show live product demonstrations, answering questions and engaging your client in the process.

After a demonstration or meeting, use a personalized Vaam to recap the highlighted points and offer a path forward to close on your pitch. 

Get More Email Responses

Picture this: You are a busy executive decision-maker, you get bombarded on a daily basis with important calls, emails and conversations from morning till night. When you check your email and have two new emails, one is a cold open with text and pictures laced with some fancy, yet cringy sales copywriting and an unknown sender from another unknown company. Conversely, the other email is from another unknown person from another unknown company, BUT, this email catches your attention immediately as it's a personalized (more on that below) video embedded that instantly gives eye-to-eye contact and directly into a soft pitch for your product. 

Even the busiest professional will give the second screen recorded video intro more time and consideration than the impersonal text email pitch. We are a society that lives on video streaming content that scrolls and feeds our minds around the clock. Whether you like modern tech or not, video delivers when it comes to finding ways to grab anyone's attention. Sure, you can “talk” about how great a product is and how it will help your client, but in reality, that simply leaves your client daydreaming about their next meeting or lunch, not engaging with you. 

By incorporating screen recording and live demonstrations, you can place your client right in control by offering tailored solutions to their problems, answer their questions and take your passion for your product to the forefront. 

Create a Tailored Pitch

There is no better way to reach a prospect than to make them understand, immediately, that your message was made specifically for them. A cold email would need a wall of text read before your prospect ever even realized your pitch was personalized for them. With video however, you can get straight to the point, speaking their name audibly, and addressing how you can improve their workflows and bottom lines with the help of your product or service. 

You might be thinking: “Well, I can show passion on a call, or in-person after I get the pitch meeting.”That might be true, but do you close often? Ever wonder why? You need to rehearse, tailor, polish and all the other adjectives you can think of when it comes to a sales pitch. From your 30-second “Elevator Speech” to your long-form client meeting pitch. 

By incorporating screen recording, you can practice your intro, pitch, and call-to-action in the hardest environment ever, you judging yourself on video. Look, video isn't fun to see ourselves on. We all have bad angles, awkward little mannerisms we don't even realize we do. Fortunately, with screen recording your pitch, you get the golden opportunity to recognize areas for improvements, tailor your call-to-action and fine tune your closing. 

Once you have the best look, script and demeanor landed, you can save those pitches and send them out. 

Demonstrate With Passion

The best product in the world doesn't get far without passion. 

Here’s why…

People don't invest in products, they invest in people with passion. Why? Because they know that passion equals results. Passion delivers on its promise, and passion goes above and beyond the competition. You just can't convey passion in a call or an email. Video highlights your passion and breathes life into your pitch, luring your client in with each word facial expression. 

Create a Library of Go-To Pitches

So, you get it, you are on board, and thinking about jumping into the screen recording game. But, does the thought of creating 100’s of videos sound a bit daunting? You're not alone.  Fortunately with Vaam, you can create a library of videos that you can simply insert and embed in your emails, complete with pre-made templates and high-converting call-to-actions, placing your client in control. 

Get Started With Screen Recording

Strengthen your sales pitch, increase your meeting conversions and get more calls back with Vaam. Vaam, is an easy-to-use Google Chrome Extension that, once you install, you can start recording and saving your videos instantly. 

No need for third-party software app installs, no odd contractual obligations and no more impersonal cold calls and emails. Simply download, install, and start closing more sales, more often. Jump start your sales numbers with personalized Vaam Screen Recordings today!

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