4 tips for adopting Vaam in your sales team

August 3, 2021

How do we make sure that we get good adoption of Vaam once we've committed to using it?These are the four most mentioned tips we hear from our customers.

Get your team onboard

As with anything new, if you buy it and drop it in the lap of your sales reps, it won't stick. Start by reading our guide on how to get started with video in sales. Then think about how to apply that in your team. Assign the team-specific projects that focus on using Vaam. And make sure that everyone picks it up and uses it a couple of times within the first week.

Give feedback to each other

Not everyone will be a natural in front of the camera. Some will be too stiff; some will talk too fast; some will wave their hands all over. Make sure to provide some good examples and give constructive criticism in the early stages. The goal is that everyone on the team improves and can start feeling confident about using video. Encourage the team to give feedback to each other.

Share success stories

Be on the lookout when someone on the team shows a natural talent for video when some record a particularly good vaam. Once you identify that success, make sure to share it with everyone. It will motivate the team to keep using Vaam. And it will give them some clear goals to shoot for when recording their next vaam.

Keep at it

In a week or two, you will see Vaam becoming a habit in the team. But that doesn't mean that you can sit back. Keep assigning projects, keep giving feedback, and keep sharing success stories. Using Vaam consistently will make it a part of your team culture and improve your results even more.

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