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Vaam free

For individuals that want to use Vaam
Screen & cam recording
Up to 2 minutes per vaam
Up to 100 vaams in your library
Viewer insights
Merged vaams
Call-to-action button in vaams
Powerful engagement insights
Free forever

Vaam Pro

Everything you get in Vaam Free, plus:
Custom branding
Up to 15 minutes per vaam
Unlimited number of vaams
€9 per user/month

4 reasons to start using Vaam today

It takes less than 1 minute to get started
Be outspoken with your brand
Keep your networks warm
Learn how to convert better

Powerful tech supporting you

Secure recording and hosting

Keeping your vaams and your data secure is our highest priority. We encrypt your data, both when you're sending it to us and when we store it for you. We partner with some of the world's largest cloud computing providers to make sure that your data is safe and protected at all times.

GDRP compliant

Our processes and services are designed to be GDPR-compliant. Our data centers are located in Europe, and your data never leaves the European Union.


Working with the largest cloud computing providers in the world enables us to leverage economies of scale. All our data and services are hosted in carbon-neutral data centers, with the goal of being carbon-free by 2030.

Single sign-on

SSO allows you to authenticate without having to enter additional login details. That way, you have fewer passwords to remember.

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Security

We implement a combination of automated and human review processes to ensure consistent quality in our development practices.

Common Questions

What is Vaam?

Vaam is a screen recording tool that makes your sales pitches and customer communication more engaging. Safe and free to use.

What is Vaam Pro?

Vaam Pro is our premium version with:
- Unlimited video library
- Up to 15 minutes per vaam
- Custom branding

What does Vaam Pro cost?

9€*/month per account. Try it for free for 14 days.*Before taxes

Vaam Pro for my business?

Do you want Vaam Pro for you and your colleagues? Please book a meeting with our CEO Josef here for setting it up.

Book a demo

Book a personal 15-min demo with one of our video experts here.

Take your sales pitches and customer communication to the next level

Sign up for free
Call-to-action button in vaams
Up to 100 vaams in your library
Up to 2 minutes per vaam