How Vaam helped Zaplify increase their show-up rate from 60% to 90%

Zaplify - automate your prospecting

Zaplify gives you access to 600+ million leads globally and helps you convert them into warm prospects through automated messages via LinkedIn and email.

How do you use Vaam?

We saw the need that Vaam could fill was to make our communication via email more human and, at the same time, more efficient, both before and after meetings with prospects, as well as with existing customers.

We mainly use Vaam for three things:

  1. To send an intro before the first demo with a customer
  2. To send a summary after a demo. We've found that this is a great way to shorten the sales cycle.
  3. When we onboard new customers, we use Vaam to teach them about Zaplify and accelerate their journey to getting value.
Per Clingweld - CEO at Zaplify

What was the experience of getting started with Vaam?

The team has always found it easy to get started with the product and use it. And it is also clear that the people who have adopted using video in their workflow have a hard time going back to writing long emails with just text.

And our customers like getting vaams! And don't at all like endless email threads anymore...

Do you have concrete examples of things where Vaam has helped you succeed?

  1. Vaam has increased the completion rate of new customer meetings from 60% to 90%. When we book a new customer meeting, our most senior SDR sends a follow-up vaam immediately where she talks with our website as a backdrop, and the message is personal. That is one of the reasons why she has a 90% show-up rate on her meetings vs. 60%, which was our historical average.
  2. Vaam has made it possible for us to shorten our demos by 15 minutes and still be able to follow up more effectively than before. We have recently worked on making our sales demos shorter and more focused on the customer's needs and reality.

    Vaam has made this possible by allowing salespeople to focus on creating curiosity and an "aha" experience. At the same time, with pre-recorded short vaams, they can follow up effectively around different power features that they weren't able to show in the meeting, and which the customer will likely see a lot of value in based on their reality.
  3. Thanks to our follow-up process with vaams, we're often able to go straight to signing an agreement after a demo, instead of having to have 1-2 extra follow-up meetings.
  4. We have saved 10-15% of the time we spend onboarding new customers, thanks to Vaam.

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