Vaam's first Sales Executive

June 22, 2021

Do you want to be a part of a fantastic team with vaamazing people, be part of building a forward-thinking company that will offer you a flexible workplace and work hours, and help professionals communicate more personally and effectively with their customers and partners? Then this opportunity could be exciting for you 😌

We're growing rapidly and closing deals every day, and we are well-funded with a good runway. Now we're looking for you – an experienced sales executive 🤝

You are someone who

  • Has 5+ years sales experience
  • Shares our core values at Vaam
  • Loves video as a medium and sees a lot of value for video in sales
  • Can communicate professionally in English
  • Is comfortable with working async and can take great responsibility to be autonomous

Role as Sales Executive

  • Drive our business forward by selling our product to customers
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Set strategies for how to acquire new customers through sales
  • Know our product well and be able to tell the value to prospects
  • Demonstrate and present our product
  • Work towards, and drive others in the team towards, our KPIs

Extra merits

  • Experience from working with sales at SaaS companies
  • Experience from being a leader/manager

We will offer you options in Vaam, a market salary, a potential to become Head of Sales during 2022, and the opportunity to be a part of a rockstar team who's building something extraordinary 🚀

Interested? Send a 2 min vaam to where you introduce yourself, and we'll go vaamos from there!

Vaam – video as a message

Vaam was started with the mission to help professionals communicate in an efficient and more personal way, and to get through to customers and prospects. We launched our product in September 2020 and have had a fast and exciting journey.

Today the team consists of 9 people and we are maturing both as a company as well as a product, with big ambitions and goals to continue our exciting journey this autumn and forwards. Check out About us to see who we are.

Take your sales pitches and customer communication to the next level.

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