New Vaamigo: Tony Wallström, Senior Designer

August 31, 2021

In March 2021 Tony Wallström started at Vaam as our Senior Designer.

Tony has a background in product design from Acast, Truecaller, iZettle, Tictail and most recently as an independent designer. He believes that everything can be put into well-organized systems and he thrives when he gets to solve problems that have an impact on people using the product🚀

Why did you decide to start at Vaam?

I started freelancing as a designer by the end of 2020, when my old friend Gohar convinced me about joining. I had already used the product in my freelance design sessions with companies in other timezones, and it worked really great. It allowed me to stay remote and work asynchronously with whoever I wanted. It enabled both less and more productive meetings, saving time for everyone.

What do you believe is the most important thing when building a successful company?

There are many things combined that makes a company successful. But arguably the most critical factor that will help you build a successful business is that you actively work on your company culture and values.

Take your sales pitches and customer communication to the next level.

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