New Vaamigo: Ajdin Crnovic, Sales Executive

September 2, 2021

Ajdin Crnovic is our newest colleague and the first person on the sales team. He’s a former ambassador for Telia Company, an entrepreneur, and known for his value-driven content for job-seekers on different social platforms.

Ajdin is also a huge fan of creating his own music under a secret alias that very few know about.

Why did you decide to start at Vaam?

I believe it is a service that is a must for all sales teams, recruitment teams and customer service teams. In two years, those who haven't started using it, will be way too late to the party. This trend is already seen in other countries where plenty of users use services similar to ours and use video as a message in their processes. I have also used the tool professionally and absolutely loved it. The last and probably the biggest reason why I decided to start at Vaam is because of the opportunity and journey that lies ahead.

What do you believe is the most important thing when building a successful company?

The people in the company is the most important thing without a doubt. Without a strong team and leadership it’s hard to be successful in the long run.

Take your sales pitches and customer communication to the next level.

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