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Vainu uses Vaam to tell their own story and engage the right people in their sales funnels

Vainu's Challenge

Vainu is a company data platform and provider who is active in both Scandinavia and the Netherlands. We help people in sales, marketing and CRM, to use reliable data to improve their campaigns.

Our product is built on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Since it is a more complicated product, the biggest challenge is to educate people about this and show them what value it brings. Therefore it's also important that we at Vainu get to explain what the product is and its value to the right people. If we have a business meeting with a user that is not a decision maker, we give them something that they can show internally, and that's where Vaam comes in. We get to tell our own story.

The Solution

Vainu has previously been using Vidyard, but switched to Vaam as it is 'way more original' and saves them a lot of time. The fact that the bubble can be enlarged and moved is great. And the UI is incredibly simple and intuitive. The adoption rate was rather low for Vidyard overall, but then they decided that they needed video in their processes to become more personal.

From what I know, it is only the sales team that uses Vaam on Vainu. Here's some examples on how we do it:

  • Show the Vainu introduction page to new people
  • Get the right people on board, who gets to listen to us telling our own story
  • Give small recap of the story or pitch before a meeting to be able to get straight to the point.

Another effect that Vaam has became clear during our process with a logistical company. The vaam, which we sent, got viral in their organisation, which resulted in them really wanting it! It gave a perspective that our process is professional and that we really know how to do digital sales.

The Result

Today, video is naturally integrated into our processes, even though it's not used every single day. However, it's perfect when we do find the opportunity and moment to use it. Also, our prospects love and value it a lot.

Vaam has increased our conversion and helped us improve our metrics. Exactly which one and by how much is difficult to say, but it is significant.

"For those of you who haven't tried Vaam yet: just go to the website and try the Pro version. I'm sure that you're going to find a way to integrate it in your process intuitively. If you need help, just reach out to the Customer Success team, they're really great."

Visit Vainu's website if you want the most in-depth data on Nordic and Dutch companies in your CRM:

The ones who are the best fit for Vainu's products are people who uses digital products.

Vaam helps us triggering the right people in the process. We don't want someone else to tell decision makers our stories - we want them to hear it directly from us.

Sjoerd Feenstra
Senior Sales Manager at Vainu

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