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Use Vaam for Customer success

Volumental uses Vaam to reach out to Store Managers around the world

We tried to send simple emails over before, but we couldn't know if they had read the emails or not. Thus, we started dialing them. However, phone calls themselves were difficult, because we couldn't show them what we were to talking about, so we had to send some material over anyway.

- Bailey Stover, Customer Success Manager at Volumental

Use Vaam for Sales & internal communication

Closers Only uses Vaam to be both personal and time efficient

Vaam has definitely helped to generate a lot of sales, but in reality it really doesn't matter, because the alternative is not as good.

- Madeleine Arndt, Founder & Partner at Closers Only

Use Vaam for Sales

Vainu uses Vaam to tell their own story and engage the right people

Vaam helps us triggering the right people in the process. We don't want someone else to tell decision makers our stories - we want them to hear it directly from us.

- Sjoerd Feenstra, Senior Sales Manager at Vainu

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