Connect with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs

Our Slack community exists to really create a feeling of "we are in this together". We will therefore give value by building relationships, share educational, informational and inspirational content, and create a forum for feedback.

Why join?

👫Gather vaambassadors

We want to create a community of like-minded people who all have integrated Vaam into their work, and who feel that their work would be worse off without the existence of Vaam.

⏳ Beta testing

Get early access to new updates and functions that we're working on and are testing.

💎 Value-giving content

The content can be both inspirational posts about business in general, as well as Vaam-related content. Also, attend exclusive events sharing best practices and insights.

📝 User-generated content

The members of the community learn from each other! Video can be used in many different ways in different professions. Discover new ways to use video in your professional life.

💬 Community = Involvement

Customer obsession is one of our core values, we want to involve you!

  • Forum to give feedback, ask for advice, or get help
  • Forum to quickly report bugs that occur
  • Forum to share ideas in order to foster innovation

🎉Celebrate the success of Vaam together!

The more the product grows, the bigger the community, the better the product will become in all aspects.

Take your sales pitches and customer communication to the next level.

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