The Benefits of Asynchronous Communication

August 3, 2021

Imagine that you need to send a message to a colleague — out of habit you start drafting an email. Half an hour later you are still drafting on the same email inserting screenshot after screenshot to try to be as clear as possible.Then you realize that it would be easier to just demonstrate what you’re trying to type through a video meeting, so you look into your colleague’s calendar and see that there are no free time slots at all.

The solution? A combination of the two. The video communication tool Vaam was created to solve the issue with long and unclear emails while not having to take up any time from one’s calendar.

This way of communicating is called asynchronous communication:

“Asynchronous communication is any type of communication where the sender provides information, and then there is a time lag before the the recipient(s) takes in and responds to the information.”

Why Asynchronous Communication?

There are various reasons why one should start adapting the ways of asynchronous communication:

1. No clashing schedules

Asynchronous communication doesn’t require two schedules to match in order to transfer important information. Regardless of time zones or schedules, two or more people can effectively collaborate and solve the task at hand.

2. Time to process, prepare and polish a response

Since the use of asynchronous communication doesn’t require an immediate response, there is time to process and digest the information given and prepare a well-thought-out response. Besides, there is also the opportunity to edit and polish the answer.

3. Automatic documentation

With synchronous communication, someone must be taking notes simultaneously as the meeting is going on. In this case, that is not necessary as everything sent can be saved and be looked back to again in retrospect.

4. Better focus and produce higher quality

With this, you can choose when to respond to your co-worker’s requests. You don’t have to be constantly interrupted by meetings or calls in your work, but you can rather focus on what’s actually important and getting things done. Not just getting things done though — you will also increase the quality of your work significantly as you can concentrate on details and process things in a greater depth.

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