One year in review and what's coming next

September 21, 2021

We started Vaam with the mission to improve communication for professionals because we think old ways of working don't fit the hybrid and remote work realities for the new generations of professionals who are shaping our future for decades to come. They are video-first and prefer genuine connections, and we think we can offer a product that eases their pains of communicating professionally.

Next week it has been 1 (!) year since we launched Vaam. More about that in another post, but for now I want to share with you what is coming the last two quarters of this year in our product and where we are headed right this moment.

The speed in which we've released and iterated features and improvements has been truly incredible (what a team!) which you can have an overlook at in our Changelog. To give you a quick recap – we launched Vaam with the basic functionality of recording and sharing videos. Since then we've built upon the basics, and developed our product to fit our segments within sales, customer success and business owners. We have advanced the share page with insights and analytics, and the ability to tag content for better findability. We've included interactive parts to the vaams, which lets viewers comment and react on the content you're sending out. We released merged vaams, for you to combine generic vaams with personal ones in seconds. We've worked really hard on creating an experience which is premium and pushes us forward as relevant for the next generation of professionals. And we have done a big take on our educational efforts to help our users level up their game.

We've launched initiatives such as 60 second pitch where we gave startups the chance to pitch to the coolest investors in Sweden and win a prize pool of €40.000 to launch their business. We've also launched Vaam Academy, a collection of quick and free crash courses, to help our users learn how to increase sales with video and learn how to pitch for investors. It's not over there – we're constantly building on our educational content by asking superstars to share tips and tricks on their areas of expertise and we're also actively sharing our knowledge and learnings on running a business.

Alright, so what's coming that we are excited about?

One of the biggest things we're working on right now is our mobile app which has been requested for a long time now (if you would like to be one of our first beta testers, shoot me an email). We're also implementing Vaam Teams as we speak, to allow teams to have central billing and later on be able to share vaams as well as analytics and shared branding as a team. Moreover we're testing playful and valuable features to bring you the most fun, motivating and loveable experience out there of all the video recording services that exist.

I can also reveal that we are piloting some b2b opportunities with the recruitment segments with large platforms – if you're one of them, hit me up and I'll let you in on the details. But more about this in the future!

Ending the post with a big thank you to all our users without whom we would have never made it this far!

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