An Urge to Merge

August 3, 2021

Merging vaams means that you can combine two vaams, often one generic and one personal. A generic vaam is a longer one where you do your pitch, your sales demo, your tutorial, etc. A personal vaam is shorter and custom to the person you send it to. That means that you can send a well-rehearsed and put-together vaam to anyone, with just a few seconds recording and a few seconds to share it. No more retakes because you messed up the ending. No more recording the same content over and over. Just record, merge and send.

Why should you be using this function?

  • Time is money💰. You’ll save a lot of time. From our case studies in between 5x — 20x.
  • People do business with people😊. You’ll be very personal in a scalable way. We’ve seen the click-through increase massively when the title and start are personal.

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