8 reasons why you should use a screen recorder daily in 2021

October 8, 2021

During the year's of the pandemic, we have become even more digital. As a consequence, the normal coffee talk and casual nudging to briefly discuss a matter have been replaced with scheduled meetings. Thus, calendars are getting more flooded and there's little time to spare to focus on efficient work.

There's been an obvious increase in usage of screen recorders as a result of the pandemic. Here are 8 reasons why you should start using screen recorders daily.  

#1 Send a video instead of having to schedule meetings

Screen recorders are a tool of asynchronous communication, meaning that both parties do not have to be online at the same time to communicate. This is a way to re-create the coffee talk and casual nudging, where the counterpart can watch your video and respond when they have time. You clear up a lot of time in both of your calendars and give yourself space to be able to focus more on what's actually important.

#2 Make communication more efficient by showing and telling

Screen recorders is a much more visual way to show and tell since you record your voice, screen and face. By doing so, you'll save a lot of time which you would otherwise use to write long descriptions, editing and pasting images. Besides, it works the other way around too - by letting your customers use a screen recorders to show their problems, it becomes much easier for you to solve it.

#3 Create tutorials and on-boardings

Building on the previous point about the ease to show and tell - you can use screen recorders to create tutorials and how-tos for your new employees. The benefit? You only have to do this once (except for occasional updates), and can re-use it over and over again. So, instead of having to have the same walkthrough with each new employee, you can focus this time on building a relationship.

#4 Improving communication with prospects and clients

It is much easier to ignore someone who is just a 'text on the screen' or 'missed call on the phone' - by using a screen recorder you'll stand out from the crowd. In fact, you'll even increase your sales productivity by up to 5 times!

There are many ways to use video in your sales processes:

  1. Introductions at initial contacts
  2. Booking meetings
  3. Pre-meeting information
  4. Follow-up after a meeting with a summary and next steps
  5. Sending offers with price suggestions

#5 Be the one who delivers your value to decision makers

Even if you just had a meeting with a decision maker, there are almost always other people who need to be involved in the process. They might say 'Great meeting! Let's touch base in 1-2 weeks!". This is a big mistake. People tend to wait a few days before talking to their colleagues, and when they do, they have already forgotten much of what you have said and they don't have the same conviction as you do. Thus, if you send a video to follow-up after the meeting, the risks are mitigated since you will be introducing yourself and delivering the arguments and value giving yourself.

#6 Feedback and check employee's performance

Feedback should be delivered in a genuine way. If you're a manager - what if the timing in your calendar doesn't fit theirs and you can't have live meetings with everyone? Send a video and give feedback that way. If you're an employee and you're supposed to give feedback to other fellow employees, the same issue arises and you can use your screen recorder again.

#7 Tech and Design

If you discover bugs or system errors in your product, it is much easier to show the tech team what happens than to try to explain it in words. The same thing applies to design processes, where you can guide your team through your thoughts rather than having to try to explain it in text.

#8 Make sure that your message comes through

Many screen recording tools give the ability to be able to see whether the receiver has watched the video or not. This makes it possible for you to track the performance of your vaam, and if your message has come across or not. In normal cases, when sending an email, you have no idea whether they have even opened it or read it unless they reply.

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