3 ways we use Slack together with Vaam

August 3, 2021

Although the first wave of the global pandemic was enormously challenging for businesses, the second wave is bringing with it a new challenge: how to communicate and collaborate across distances, while also having an impact on the bottom line. While video-conferencing solutions are still popular and effective, many teams prefer to use messaging platforms as their primary means of internal communication.

If you had to name winners from the pandemic, the first would be video as a tool for communicating with each other, and the other would be the messaging and collaboration platforms that have exploded in usage. It often depends on what industry you're in, but today most companies work in either Slack or Microsoft Teams (cool kids vs the nerds if you ask me).

We at Vaam love these types of collaboration tools, they are a big part of successfully running a remote company.  Together with our own tool, we save time, create understandable messages and can have asynchronous conversations 🌟

📯 Use case #1: Company-wide news and alerts

Our team is spread out throughout Europe, currently in five different locations in Sweden and Spain. So whenever we need to make a shoutout or launch news internally (our CEO making an announcement to the rest of the team for example), a text message is just plain boring. #BuildingHype is a big part of building a fun and collaborative culture.

So we use Vaam to record our message and then publish the share link to the vaam in our #general channel in slack.


  • Asking the team to fill out vacation requests and how they do it
  • Letting the team know about a new partnership with cool companies

Our CTO Hampus recorded a how-to vaam how we're gonna start using Cuckoo Workout, and shared in our teams Slack🤓

👨‍🎨 Use case #2: showcasing and feedback on design and product

Building a digital product requires a wide array of skills (you need a lot of different people doing different things). That means developers need to communicate with designers, marketers talking to product managers. A lot of different personalities trying to explain to each other what they need to succeed. This becomes even more difficult when adding the whole "let's work with a couple of hundred miles between each other"-thing.

So we use vaam to showcase our new work and ask for feedback on it. It just works so much better than using text. Imagine a designer try to explain how a page on your website should animate with text or images... Annoyance and frustration should be listed as common side effects when texting.

Slack is the main structure for communicating and we use vaam for creating better messages.

🤝 Use case #3: New hire introductions

This might be one of the easiest and best usage of Vaam and Slack in any organisation. New people joining the team is usually a fun and happy event (if not, ouch). Ask the new hire to record a quick, max 2 min personal introduction of themself.

Template for new hires:

  1. Hi everyone, my name is...
  2. I'm gonna join the company as the new... with team...
  3. My big interests and hobbies are...
  4. If anyone would wanna grab a coffee and chat, click on the CTA in this video and ping me with a time and place

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