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Vaam started with the mission the help professionals communicate in an efficient and more personal way and to get through to customers and prospects.

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Our purpose

We're here to make your sales pitches and customer communication more engaging and rewarding, both for you and your viewers.

The famous vaamigos!

Do you feel the calling of the vaamigos? Do you long to be a part of the team that's building the next step in how entrepreneurs and innovators communicate? Send a vaam to our CEO Josef at

Mikael Brandt
Senior developer
Gohar Avagyan
Co-founder & CPO
Hampus Persson
Co-founder & CTO
Erik Isberg
Head of Growth
Claudia Velhas
UX Designer
Martin Apiwat Eriksson
Customer Relations
Josef Fallesen
Founder & CEO
Tony Wallström
Senior Designer
Ajdin Crnovic
Sales Executive

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